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The U.S. Constitution sets the limits of the U.S. government and gives it specific authority to
exercise a few powers of general government. When government actors exceed their limited role
of protecting our Individual Rights and exercises powers not given by the Constitution, they
must be held accountable.

I am dedicated to protecting and upholding the Constitution and holding government to its
limited role of protecting Individual Rights. I firmly believe that every American has the right to
freedom of speech, religion, and assembly, as well as the right to bear arms, and protection
against unreasonable searches and seizures. These rights are non-negotiable and must be fiercely
defended against any encroachment, whether from government overreach or external threats.
In the Senate, I will prioritize the protection of the Bill of Rights, ensuring that legislation and
governmental actions respect and preserve these fundamental freedoms. I will oppose any
attempts to infringe upon our constitutional rights, whether through censorship, surveillance, or
unconstitutional restrictions. I will advocate for policies that strengthen and reinforce the
protections afforded by the Bill of Rights, empowering individuals to exercise their freedoms
without fear of reprisal or suppression.

By steadfastly defending the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, I will work to uphold the
principles of liberty, justice, and equality upon which our nation was founded.