Since my birth in 1957, Clarion County has always been my home. Within the embrace of our family enterprise alongside my father and uncle, I learned the value of hard work. When we lost my father, my brother and I stepped up to lead the business until its closure in 2010. Post-family business, I’ve laid bricks and mortar as a construction worker and currently keep the wheels turning as a truck driver for the natural gas sector. Which Pennsylvania has the second largest Natural Gas reserves in the world. My heart lies in the wilderness, where fishing, hunting, and camping are my retreats. My family is my pride—with a loving wife since 1985, three children, and five grandchildren to cherish.

The 2020 election ignited my political activism, steering me towards the Constitution Party and their dedication to representing citizens without the influence of super PACs, foreign, or corporate funding resonated with. They are solely supported by the people’s contributions and adhere to the Constitution’s principles. In these pivotal times, it’s the hour for deeds, not just words.